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About Chad Zuber Photography

Welcome!  I have been shooting for over 20 years!  I'm a well-rounded photographer having photographed thousands of people and subjects.  My images have appeared in media all around the world including companies such as Yahoo! , Men's Health , The Word Among Us , and many more, including numerous websites, industrial videos and publications.

Most describe me as very adventurous, a cross between Indiana Jones and Bear Grylls.  I recently completed an 8-day trip exploring a small Caribbean island called Isla Culebra (Snake Island) off the coast of Puerto Rico.  On February 1st,  a prominent Puerto Rican newspaper, El Nuevo Dia , even published an article celebrating my successful adventure living mostly off of the island eating coconuts and wild plants as I traveled on foot documenting the journey.

Learn more about this exciting adventure and others in the travel photography page.

I also have years of experience working in front of the camera as an actor, having been featured in several movies and television shows.  Some of my credits appear in the Internet Movie Database .  The desire to shoot my own head shots is one of the reasons I learned photography in the first place.  Since that time I have become a "self-portrait master" working as both the photographer and the model.

Passion and dedication are what drive me to constantly push for excellence.  If you are looking for a dedicated photographer you've come to the right place.  If the services offered on this website meet your needs, then contact me.

- Chad Zuber


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